2019 50 Most Influential CMOs in Ghana

With the world job market evolving, marketing professionals continue to play a vital role in the success of businesses across the World. With their decisions and strategies affecting customer experience and revenue of an entity, CMOs in Ghana must not only be effective at what they do but show how they can maximize sales and draw in more customers like a PRO.


In Ghana, Head of Commercial, Sales, and Marketing which we summarily refer to as Chief Marketing Officers in this publication are individuals who have created and implemented strategies that affect their respective brands and their consumers in pursuit of propelling their company’s products and services across and beyond the borders of Ghana.


With a touch of diversity, the 50 Most Influential CMOs in Ghana ranking recognises individual market leaders in the marketing field across many industries ranging from Food & Beverages, Telecom, Automobile, Media, Banking, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Insurance etc. This defines their works in motivating performance, broadening their market, impressive financial performance and creating new trends and brand perception in the Ghanaian market.


The goal of the project is to recognise Heads of Commercial, Sales & Marketing department of companies who have attained market leadership position in Ghana & Beyond and our long term vision for this project is to create a vibrant community of CMOs in Ghana.


This recognition defines their work in motivating performance, broadening your market, creating new trends & brand perception and an impressive financial performance in the Ghanaian market.




In the collation of the final ranking, evaluations were done across brand & advertising, awareness, sales & marketing network, market share & value, social impact and the individual’s personal brand.


Working on this publication limited us to only Ghana-based marketing practitioners within an organisation with responsibility for the vision and strategy of the whole company’s marketing role. In selecting the 50 Most Influential CMOs in Ghana, we looked at relevant publications in regards to the top-performing companies in Ghana, where we identified the CMOs and continued with our independent market outreach.


We also looked at various marketing campaigns churned out under the leadership of our honorees across TV, Print, Radio, and Online. Conclusively, we made it compulsory for every brand represented on the list to have an active online presence.


Ranking Partners


This ranking is spearheaded through a partnership between PR & Rating firm, Avance Media, Reset Global People and marketing consultancy firm, Afiba Consulting.

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