2018 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians Announced

2018 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians Announced

Leading African PR & rating agency, Avance Media and COSDEF Group have announced finalists for the 3rd edition of its prestigious annual ranking focused on young people dubbed: 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians.

Speaking about this year’s nominees, Prince Akpah, MD of Avance Media noted this year’s list features young people who have made remarkable contributions towards their respective fields which has extended impact to other young people across Cameroon and beyond.

In an interaction with the CEO of COSDEF Group and COO of the 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians initiative, Joybert Javnyuy, he congratulated the nominees selected from over 1400 nominees and mentioned that this edition’s award ceremony and gala would be hosted in Douala in January 2019 and the event would present a great platform for networking to discuss the advancement of youth empowerment activities across Cameroon.

This year’s nominees were selected across 9 categories which was focused on key sectors with active youth participation in Cameroon.

Public voting has commenced on cm.avancemedia.org and that would be used to determine the influence of nominees in their categories and in the overall ranking to be announced at the award ceremony & gala.

Voting is expected to end on January 9th 2019.

Below is the list of nominees represented in their respective categories.



  1. Atem Ernest Lefu (Agro-Hub Group of Companies)
  2. Chedjou Kamdem (Entrepreneur)
  3. Claudel Noubissie (Startup Academy)
  4. Ngale Foretia Henry (Poultry Farmers Management Systems)
  5. Ngassa Nina Lokile (Chef Nina’s Cuisine)



  1. Locko (Musician)
  2. Minette Lontsie (Kamer Lyrics)
  3. Reniss (Musician)
  4. Salatiel Livenja Bessong (Music Producer)
  5. Stephanie Tum (Actress)
  6. Tenor (Musician)


Leadership & Civil Society

  1. Bel-Dieu Charles-Guillom (Rakellz Dream Initiative)
  2. Fideline Mboringong (World Vision for Education and Development – WVED Cameroon)
  3. Fontoh Desmond Abinwi (Crusader for Environmental protection and Ozone Watch)
  4. Jude Thaddues Njikem (Community Centre For Integrated Development)
  5. Noutcha Issoy Prudence Lubiche (NEWSETA)
  6. Sakah Bernard Nsaidzedze (Big Steps Outreach Network)



  1. Anyi Asonganyi (Ozi International)
  2. Enow Grace Fidel (De Aura Designs)
  3. Estelle Ahanda (The Glam Group (GLAM))
  4. Fredash Nemfor Alfred (FIAFA)
  5. Nabil Fongod (Nabil Show)
  6. Reneta Nwonori Ndisang (Buea Fashion Week)



  1. Atia Tilarious Azohnwi (The Sun Newspaper)
  2. Dulafe Valery Tata (Radio Host)
  3. Mimi Mefo (Equinox Television)
  4. Nfor Hanson Nchanji (Cameroon News Agency)
  5. Pamela Happi (TV Host)


Personal Development & Academia

  1. Dr Atanga Desmond Funwie (Kesmonds Group Ltd)
  2. Enow George Agbor (Opportunities for Cameroonians)
  3. Mbinkar Kpunsa Fomunyuy (Institute of Customer Service Cameroon)
  4. Robert Afuh Tayimlong (African Development Bank)
  5. Talla Wamba Ulrich (African observatory of professional publishers)
  6. Taminang Search (GAICAM)


Science & Technology

  1. Franck Verzefé (True-Spec Africa)
  2. Jasmin Choake (Agri Bizz)
  3. Kouoplong Koudjou Pyrrus Oreste (PROMAGRIC)
  4. Milton Nembu (Cassvita)
  5. Philippe Nkouya (Phil John Technologies)


Social Entreprise & Technology

  1. Blandine Angele (Messa Educlick)
  2. Epie Terrence Beteck (Beteck Ltd)
  3. Fanny Bessem Ako-Egbe (Favour Low-cost Health Care Foundation)
  4. Mokate Ashu (Jongo Hub)
  5. Ndive Epeti epse Kofele Likowo (Association For Women Empowerment Cameroon)
  6. Samuel Atigi (Mandela Voluntary Foundation)



  1. André Onana (Footballer)
  2. Gaëlle Enganamouit (Footballer)
  3. Joel Embiid (Basketball Player)
  4. Luc Mbah A Moute (Luc Mbah A Moute Basketball Camp)
  5. Ysis Sonkeng (Footballer)


The 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians initiative is spearheaded by Avance Media and COSDEF Group in partnership with Sky High University, Sky High Group, Left Handshake International, Soul Music, ACMER Media Group, I’Am AfroPreneur, Educate a Child in Africa, Evolve TV, GLOACT, Mandela Washington Fellows Association Cameroon, 1000 African Voices, My Naija Naira, Cliq Africa, VIPI State & WastUp TV

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